Jobs available in Biotechnology

Communications/media - reporting, writing, editing web site development

Computers - data base development, bioinformatics etc

Drugs and Pharmaceutical companies

Engineering -working in bioprocess chambers, Instrumentation development, Fermentation technology

  e.g. cancer, genetically linked diseases, AIDS

Laboratories funded by public and private sectors

Waste management, bio-monitoring bodies and pollution control boards

Medicine - The medical genetics, genetic counseling, gene therapy and gene testing uses biotechnological tools.

Energy Institutes

Food processing industry

Bio-processing industry
  e.g. enzyme technology, paper technology, metabolic engineering, protein engineering etc

Agriculture and animal husbandry

Legal field involving issues related to intellectual property rights, patency, copyrights related to the field of biotechnology. The issues related to Genetic and Paternity testing also requires the combined expertise of biotechnologist and a law expert.

Millitary - With the fear of Biological warfare looming large on the human civilization, a biotechnologist is needed in pathogen identification, in the development of protection against the chemical and biological warfare, and in doing the risk assessment studies

Crime and law - With the use of DNA finger printing in Forensic science it has become easy to create a data bank of the criminals and thereby catch the culprits faster

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