Bargain books

Biotechnology (Studies in Biology) by John E. Smith, Paperback - March 29, 1996) price-$3.75

An excellent opportunity to buy this book at such a low price. The edition is a bit old, still has a lot of basic information for students of biotechnology...........!

New Release

Biotechnology for Beginners (paperback) by Reinhard Renneberg (Author), Arnold L. Demain (Editor)

This book is not really for absolute beginners so the title is a bit misleading. However, it gives a lot of information for students having a basic knowledge of biology, Life Sciences/Biological Sciences. It is more appropriate for undergraduate students and gives a lot of infomation in the form of facts, figures and data in an interesting manner........!

Text Book

Molecular Biology of the cell (Hard Cover) by Bruce Alberts (Author), Alexander Johnson (Author), Julian Lewis (Author), Martin Raff (Author), Peter Walter (Author) price $14.20

This is an excellent Textbook for students learning Molecular Biology and various other concepts. The concepts of the molecular processes at the cellular level have been very well explained using well defined diagrams, drawings, etc. Certainly a good buy for biotechnology students at this price........!!!!!

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